Friday, May 15, 2009

Mangosteen is here to stay - Mayo Clinic begins first large scale human trial

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Like it or not, theMangosteen is coming full throttle. Only 3% of Americans have heard about it and most have no clue why it is THE most important discovery in the decade. Ever heard of xanthones ? I didn't either four years ago. Besides the 200+ scientifically proven health benefits (try that with any other juice) it has a few things anyone should take a closer look at (see 1712 research papers from around the world and the past 100 years) - here are just a few:

Most powerful natural anti-inflammatory known to man
Anti-tumor benefits
Anti-fungal, -bacterial, -viral
Cox-II inhibitor (pain)
Balances pH values in our bodies
Anti-histamine properties (allergies)
etc., etc. see searchable data bank on a link at bottom.

Inflammation is the main cause of most dreadful and deadly diseases known to man. The fatal five are cancer, diabetes (rising), heart attack, stroke and lung disease. No wonder the pharma-industry is making billions on all the stuff that doesn't get rid of the problem just makes you dependent on it just to survive. so how awesome would it be to have a zero side effects all natural great tasting juice that is a powerful anti-inflammatory?!? Hello nutritionists and gym-nuts!

It could be so simple - just know your body and know your food. And stop eating CRAP!

Mangosteen is one of the BEST crayons in your box - and everyone should have it. The Mangosteen is not just another fad. It will be the most talked about fruit of the decade - call me in 5 years - it will be on everyone's table. Dr. Brent A. Bauer from the famous Mayo clinic is now starting their first large scale human trial with the Mangosteen because of the millions of people benefiting from it and not having to take their medicines any more. I don't see that happening with Acai or any of the other juices that are jumping the band wagon of the huge success the mangosteen is having. 

Just to give you an idea. It took Microsoft 13 years to make a billion in sales. It took Ebay six years. The fastest growing company in the history of man. It took Xango the same six years, by word of mouth only!!! to reach one billion in sales. Ask any business person, they will tell you that is unheard of. In this blog I will just speak of the awe-inspiring health benefits and not even touch on the business opportunity involved. The Wellness Revolution (by Paul Zane Pilzer) is the future trillion dollar business. Not to mention Xango Goodnessand the 7% worldwide sales that this company donates to "Operation Kids". And not to mention the meal packs that are available for all of us to donate to children in need all around the world. Most of us are already good at helping ourselves - here we have the built in automatic of helping others at the same time.

What I'm trying to emphasize with the passage above is that you can be skeptical until the cows come home, it's just procrastinating. Have all the objections you want - This fruit juice is working and helping millions around the world. Why not try it for yourself and help all your loved ones and friends with an opportunity to change their health and their life to the better. You haveNOTHING to loose and all to gain.

I could go on for hours. It is safe for me to share with you that I lost my life-long allergies and asthma three years ago when I started drinking this multi-functional juice. And trust me, I have tried every crappy drug on the planet trying to get rid of it. Our children haven't been even close to getting sick since they drink the mangosteen juice. Besides the extraordinary blessing, what a huge money and tiiiiiime-saver!!!

Check it out and see what you think. Make an educated decision not an emotional gut feeling excuse. And do yourself a favor, don't think your doctor, nutritionist or anyone can give you good advice on this topic. 97% of the population has never even heard of the mangosteen. That would be like asking a poor man for advice to tell you how to get rich.

See for yourself. Do your home work. I'd be delighted to point you to many more resources. Your feedback would really mean a lot to us. feel free to send us an email or comment on this healthy cooking blog. I hope to grow an archive of exciting knowledge on health and whole foods that will serve all of our friends and anyone that cares.

Take a three minute journey and see for yourself. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Enjoy ;-)

Thanks and be well,

Ken Breeze

P.S. This link, Mangosteen Fruit Info , will give you a glimpse of what this fruit juice is doing to hundred thousands of people around the nation and the world.

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My husband and I have recently set some goals together and have decided that we want to eat better and exercise. The exercise part is going really well. We both signed up for gym memberships and we go everyday. It's more the healthy eating part that we struggle with. I've never been much of a cook and so, having to actually cook food, instead of going out to eat is a challenge sometimes. Are there some good healthy cooking blog that I can find that have easy recipes that are healthy?